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  1. The exhibit has been considered thought-provoking BioArt, " encouraging viewers to think about bigger issues surrounding the ethical limits of art and the use of reproductive technologies ".
  2. The alleged  middlemen in the report were Vignati and his siblings, whose firm, Bioart SA, was granted sole permission by the Argentinian government to export rice to Venezuela.
  3. Fedenar complained that Bioart was not even a rice producer, questioning how a firm founded five years ago with no rice and corn export experience could gain such a lucrative deal.
  4. The series is denominated by the artist as " Eletrografias e Fotografias com Fios de Cabelo para Futura Clonagem " ( Electrophotographs and Photographs with Human Hair for Future Cloning ), BioArt.
  5. The series is denominated by the artist Sergio Valle Duarte as " Eletrografias e Fotografias com Fios de Cabelo para Futura Clonagem " BioArt . ( Electrophotographs and Photographs with Human Hair for Future Cloning ).
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  7. In accordance with agreement with the Argentinian government, Bioart also had handled the export of more than 40, 000 tons of corn to Venezuela at prices that were almost 80 % higher than market value.
  8. While most people who practice BioArt are categorized as artists in this new media, they can also be seen as scientists, since the actual medium within a work pertains to molecular structures, and so forth.
  9. Although it originated at the end of the 20th century through the works of pioneers like Joe Davis Marta de Menezes and artists at SymbioticA, BioArt started to be more widely practiced in the beginning of the 21st century.
  10. "Clar韓 "'s July 7 report identified Vignati as the  visible face of Bioart, and said that he traveled often to Venezuela, had top connections with politicians, and had experienced significant financial gain.
  11. Essaidi is director of Inspidere B . V ., a biotech company based in Brainport region Eindhoven In 2011 Essa飀i founded the BioArt Laboratories Foundation, a foundation that offers citizens access to a creative hybrid laboratory and the tools and knowledge of the life sciences.
  12. According to their website the aim of the project is to develop a rich wiki-based web resource for people interested in or developing projects that involve bioart, open source software / open source hardware, DIY biology, art / science collaborations and electronic experimentation.
  13. However, many BioArt projects deal with the manipulation of cells and not whole organisms, such as " Victimless Leather " by SymbioticA . " An actualized possibility of wearing  leather'without killing an animal is offered as a starting point for cultural discussion.
  14. Since 1994 Arts Catalyst has commissioned artists from around the globe on over one hundred different projects, by artists and arts groups, in a range of art forms such as Live Art ( art form ), artists'film and video, installation, media art, performance, and bioart, such as Kira O'Reilly, Critical Art Ensemble and The Otolith Group, presented as exhibitions and events.
  15. "Clar韓 " reported on July 28, 2014, that although the selection of Bioart as the sole intermediary in the sale of rice to Venezuela could be considered an instance of anti-competitive practices, as defined by the National Commission for Protection of Competition ( CNDC ), that organization was not likely to criticize the arrangement, because the president of the CNDC, Ricardo Napolitani, is a close friend of Vignati's and has been referred to as an obedient servant of the Kirchner dynasty.
  16. On July 29, 2014, " Clar韓 " reported that Vignati was not only exporting rice and corn to Venezuela at highly inflated prices, but had also acted as an intermediary in the export of agricultural machinery from Argentina to Venezuela, via Bioart SA and another firm, Acoplados El Grillo . " Clar韓 " noted that El Grillo, based in Arrecifes, was officially owned by Jorge Bulgarelli, the lawyer of Mar韆 Eugenia Vignati, and that Roberto Vignati had earlier been involved with Bulgarelli in his ultimately scandalous effort to do business in Ecuador . " Clar韓 " also pointed out that Ricardo Rodriguez Miranda, president of Pedro Camejo, a company created by Ch醰ez in 2007 to further Venezuela's agricultural mechanization, had known Vignati since 2008, when Rodriguez had worked for another Venezuela state company, Legumes Alba SA, and had approved contracts with Marisa, the silo firm owned by Vignati's mother's family.
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