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  1. The test strips use a diazotization reaction in order to detect bilirubin.
  2. But bilirubin levels are not necessarily a good indicator, according to Ahlfors.
  3. That's because bilirubin exists in different states.
  4. Scientists do not expect bilirubin to drop to zero, which is normal.
  5. Approximately 4 mg of bilirubin per kg of blood is produced each day.
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  7. This allows the excretion of unconjugated bilirubin in bile.
  8. The hemoglobin is metabolized to bilirubin ( causing jaundice at high concentrations ).
  9. The heme is ultimately converted to bilirubin and removed in stool and urine.
  10. Phototherapy is the most effective way of breaking down a neonate s bilirubin.
  11. Plentiful canalicular multiple drug-resistant protein causes bilirubin transfer to bile canaliculi.
  12. BVR works with the biliverdin / bilirubin redox cycle.
  13. Bile is formed of three elements : bile salts, bilirubin and cholesterol.
  14. Bilirubin and cytochromes can be imaged at blue wavelengths.
  15. Hepatic decompensation is described by rising bilirubin without baseline.
  16. Isolated elevations in bilirubin can be safely ignored.
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