big belly meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "big belly" in a sentence
  • 大胃王
  • 上腹胀
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  1. Do you know the jolly old man with a white beard , a big belly , and warm red suit
  2. My dad says god lives inside all of us . i think he ' s just using that as an excuse for his big belly
  3. A teapot has a big belly but a narrow spout , when dumplings are boiled in it , one can not pour them out through the spout like tea
  4. The " vegetarian week " began on april 26 with a " big belly " contest , where students paired up to devour vegetarian beef noodles
  5. To make puer tea , you should choose tea pot with big belly which can avoid the tea soup to be too thick . pottery pot and purple sand pot are recommended

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