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  1. Between 2000 and 2010, TAIEX mobilised almost 50, 000 Member State experts to participate in 11, 500 events reaching 325, 000 officials from beneficiary countries.
  2. The CBTPA authorized the President to designate individual countries as being " Beneficiary Countries " in order to receive the enhanced trade benefits available under the Act.
  3. He envisaged a two-level membership, the other being non-beneficiary countries like the US which was being represented here by Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence H . Summers, and Japan.
  4. Since that very first call to donor countries, the DMFAS Programme has been financed through regular UNCTAD budget, contribution from the beneficiary countries and contribution from donor countries.
  5. Although the implementation of the EMPRETEC programme depends on the needs of the beneficiary country, there are several necessary steps to take toward the implementation of the EMPRETEC programme.
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  7. With debt relief approved for these countries, Wolfensohn and Koehler said in their statement that " the beneficiary countries must continue with their economic, social and governance reforms ."
  8. Within the national allocation, the Donors then negotiate with each beneficiary country and agree which programmes to establish, their objectives and the size of the allocation to each individual programme.
  9. In a statement today, Zainal said the move not to seek IMF help was a good one as the strict conditions imposed by it would only result in beneficiary countries becoming poorer.
  10. The proposal to establish the fund was made by Japan and Asean in Bangkok two months ago, and Ocampo said Asean countries were expected to form the core group as beneficiary countries.
  11. U . S . law requires that a GSP beneficiary country's laws and practices relating to market access, intellectual property rights protection, investment, exports and workers rights be considered in all annual reviews.
  12. In the agreements on the Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014, strengthening the bilateral relations between the donor and the beneficiary countries was introduced as an overall objective in addition to reducing social and economic disparities.
  13. Twinning aims to help beneficiary countries in the development of modern and efficient administrations, with the structures, human resources and management skills needed to implement the acquis communautaire to the same standards as Member States.
  14. The task of the CDP is to provide independent advice to the Council on how the international cooperation for development is carried out, how it could be improved and how it affects on the beneficiary countries.
  15. The country is currently in a state of no more debt due to financial assistance from the outside while Togo is likely among the most beneficiary countries under the Initiative help in Heavily Indebted Poor Countries.
  16. Duty / quota-free treatment is also available for certain knit apparel made in CBTPA beneficiary countries from fabrics formed in the Caribbean Basin region, provided that U . S . yarns are used in forming the fabric.
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