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  1. Through the Proclamation issued today, President Clinton designated all 24 countries as CBTPA Beneficiary Countries.
  2. A National Focal Point is responsible for the overall management of programmes in each beneficiary country.
  3. It was attended by more than 700 politicians from the beneficiary countries of the Marshall Plan.
  4. Menendez said, and his information suggests none is a prospective first-round beneficiary country . _ _ _=
  5. Debt relief has also allowed beneficiary countries to reduce their debt service and to increase social spending.
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  7. Norway will also expand its cooperation with the beneficiary countries in the area of justice and home affairs.
  8. DANIDA, DAMCO and Maersk have continuously covered the freight costs of medicine and equipment sent to GMAs beneficiary countries.
  9. That is why most of the preparatory and implementation work is done through the EU Delegations in the beneficiary countries.
  10. The Venezuelan and Mexican governments also agreed to continue providing financing for trade and development projects in the beneficiary countries.
  11. Twinning provides the framework for administrations and semi-public organisations in the beneficiary countries to work with their counterparts in Member States.
  12. In March 2004, President Bush designated Algeria a beneficiary country for duty-free treatment under the Generalized System of Preferences ( GSP ).
  13. To ensure that the relief is translated into poverty reduction, the beneficiary countries must continue with their economic, social and governance reforms,
  14. The twenty-four current beneficiaries of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act ( CBERA ) were potentially eligible to be declared CBTPA Beneficiary Countries.
  15. Last year, Malaysia was the top beneficiary of the GSP program, accounting for 28 percent of total GSP imports from all 145 beneficiary countries.
  16. The Asian beneficiary countries include Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
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