beneficiaries in a sentence

"beneficiaries" in Chinese  
  1. The pitchers have been the most grateful beneficiaries of the improvements.
  2. African-American Medicare beneficiaries have 16 percent higher mortality rates.
  3. He said he would consider reforms for future beneficiaries, however.
  4. He said only white men and white women were the beneficiaries.
  5. Sterling is a clear beneficiary of all this concern about EMU.
  6. It's difficult to find beneficiaries in a sentence.
  7. About 80, 000 beneficiaries enroll in such plans each month.
  8. Only a victim's beneficiaries can file wrongful death suits.
  9. The principal beneficiaries were of course the mark and the yen.
  10. He did not specify other likely beneficiaries from the proposed foundation.
  11. Medicare spending is tightly linked to disability rates among its beneficiaries.
  12. CBS wasn't the sole beneficiary of Woods'performance.
  13. Hill also emerged as the beneficiary of well-played defense.
  14. A year ago, Gordon was the beneficiary of overwhelming support.
  15. Studies have shown the majority of domestic partners beneficiaries are straight.
  16. More than 400, 000 beneficiaries were included in the study.
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