beneficials in a sentence

"beneficials" in Chinese  
  1. It would be beneficial for both our races to make contact.
  2. Inflated egoes and diminished touches aren't usually mutually beneficial.
  3. This will be beneficial to us, " he said.
  4. Meanwhile, corn fields picked up beneficial moisture for early growth.
  5. This program is too beneficial to the inmates and the taxpayers.
  6. It's difficult to find beneficials in a sentence.
  7. The Kennedy Onassis auction was " very beneficial,"
  8. Even though " we find that extraordinarily beneficial,"
  9. Beneficial Chairman and Chief Executive Finn Caspersen said in an interview.
  10. Many people spent the refunds rather than repaying them to Beneficial.
  11. To be truthful, the backlash has been beneficial to me,
  12. Beneficial shares fell 7 / 8 to 58 3 / 4.
  13. I was pleased that the decision was beneficial to us today.
  14. Ager himself said he has no beneficial ownership in the trust.
  15. But if you set it sensibly, it will be beneficial.
  16. "Can we prove it's cost-beneficial?
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