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  1. McWalter often cites this as evidence that it is possible for backbenchers to get laws beneficially amended.
  2. E-mentoring programs also impact beneficially on the motivation of the youth pursuing post highschool studies.
  3. This medication stops the growth of the bacteria and fungus and beneficially dries out the ear canal.
  4. This holding company is beneficially owned by Farmer ( 90 % ) and Petrie ( 10 % ).
  5. Medications aimed at the systemic system may affect the expression of those local systems, beneficially or adversely.
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  7. A glare-free light reflection is generated which can beneficially be used for light reflectors or facades.
  8. He also urged Congress and the EPA to support research into ways to beneficially use manure and waste water.
  9. The term " biosolids " is used to differentiate treated sewage sludge that can be beneficially recycled.
  10. Alternatively the manors may have been purchased in his name as investments beneficially owned by the royal privy purse.
  11. There's no way that a shareholder in SoftKey will make out beneficially in the long term ."
  12. Guy Wyser-Pratte beneficially owns 1.25 million shares, or about 2.56 percent of Comsat.
  13. To make them fit, they have flexible connections that give their onium heads a chance to position themselves beneficially.
  14. Whether assets legally vested in a company are beneficially owned by its controller is a highly fact-specific issue.
  15. Experts like Choi fetch high prices to beneficially channel the energies of the spirit realm through very concrete homes and offices.
  16. A gift is taken when a donee becomes beneficially entitled in possession to some property without paying full consideration for it.
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