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  1. "' Luftkurort "', literally meaning'air spa', is a title given to towns or cities in Germany which are health resorts which have a climate and air quality which is considered beneficial to health and recovery.
  2. Xenophon ( 431-351 BC ) and Plato ( 429-347 BC ) both praised the moderate use of wine as beneficial to health and happiness, but both were critical of drunkenness, which appears to have become a problem.
  3. In November 2011, the EU Commission published its decision in favour of oat beta-glucans with regard to Article 14 of the EC Regulation on the labelling of foodstuffs with nutrition and health claim statements permitting oat beta-glucan to be described as beneficial to health.
  4. :Further to this, from the US FDA : " Health fraud is the deceptive sale or advertising of products that claim to be effective against medical conditions or otherwise beneficial to health, but which have not been proven safe and effective for those purposes ".
  5. Judging from the sometimes conflicting reports recently presented at a scientific conference, experts in the field seem to be having the devil's own time sorting out which fats and oils and how much of them are likely to be most beneficial to health and at the same time acceptable to consumers and food producers.
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  7. "' Iatrogenesis "'( from the Greek for " brought forth by the healer " ) refers to any effect on a person, resulting from any activity of one or more persons acting as healthcare professionals or promoting products or services as beneficial to health, that does not support a goal of the person affected.
  8. To reduce mass, the support along the diameter could consist of nothing but a cable connecting two sections of the spaceship, possibly a habitat module and a counterweight consisting of every other part of the spacecraft . It is not yet known if exposure to high gravity for short periods of time is as beneficial to health as continuous exposure to normal gravity.
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