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  1. Although single application of 50-70 % GA will produce beneficial results, multiple treatments every 2 to 4 weeks are required for optimal results.
  2. This cooperative effort produces mutually beneficial results for all parties, opening up new revenue streams while enhancing value and rate of return ( ROI ).
  3. While the rules will take immediate effect, full compliance with the various requirements will be on a staggered timeframe to ensure smoother implementation and beneficial results.
  4. Key to his beneficial results was, he said, his early training received from the " Huni Kui " shaman-chief Xumu Nawa.
  5. Lord Shaftesbury turned the convergence of public and private good around, claiming that acting in accordance with one's self-interest produces socially beneficial results.
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  7. There was one beneficial result : as they struggled eastward again, on 25 August the French and Spanish finally learned the location of Hardy's fleet.
  8. Once you know the chemicals and modulators that control division, you can imagine that under disease or trauma conditions you might be able to control with beneficial results.
  9. It is one of those sorts of cures, which are very likely to be laughed at; but I know of its having produced very beneficial results ."
  10. A chemical compound that he was not able to identify in urine at the time was ammonia, which was responsible for the " beneficial result " of urine.
  11. This process was very time consuming and did not always yield beneficial results, as the soft tools were very different in their behavior than the longer running production tools.
  12. Although naps can have beneficial results and they are permitted in some companies, you obviously work for a company that prefers to have the employees remain awake on the job.
  13. That will have beneficial results both at home and at work as you cut through the trivia that is designed to mislead you and get to the root of the problem.
  14. It says Esalen has " stimulated research programs in many fields, ranging from quantum physics to ecology to governance to the beneficial results of meditation and prayer ."
  15. "For the tens of thousands of people receiving cyclosporine for years with very beneficial results, the good far, far outweighs the bad, " he said.
  16. Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer called the protocol " proof of the concrete and beneficial results " of the fifth summit between presidents of the three countries since 1997.
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