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  1. Fried said, but with beneficial results : the site's traffic is now distributed more evenly through the day.
  2. I think this would be a beneficial result; we could all go back to the article space where we belong.
  3. group decision support systems ( GDSS ) that enable the knowledge management community of practice to assure sustainable mutually-beneficial results.
  4. In particular, a clinical study of 1, 000 cases of lymphedema treated with microsurgery from 1973 to 2006 showed beneficial results.
  5. Small and promising human trials have shown no serious side effects and beneficial results, but they were too small to generalize conclusions.
  6. It's difficult to find beneficial results in a sentence.
  7. A Confrontation compounds futility and leads to further misunderstanding, whereas an Encounter is a productive form of negotiation with mutually beneficial results.
  8. The case of soil management in the Neotropics ( including Amazonia ) is a classic example of beneficial results of human-mediated disturbance.
  9. Recent studies report beneficial results in the use of this plant to lower the blood sugar levels and in the elimination of cancer cells.
  10. A beneficial result of the incident was that several prisoners were taken; Forbes learned from them that Fort Duquesne was about to be abandoned.
  11. One beneficial result, however, was the construction of roads ( i . e . North Military Road ), which greatly improved transportation.
  12. I can imagine beneficial results from this association, including the development in each of its members a wider purview regarding previously unfamiliar Wikipedia content.
  13. Additionally, most studies investigating gratitude journals have found that including 3-10 items in each gratitude journal entry yields the most beneficial results.
  14. We are now trying to determine if any health studies have indicated beneficial results from a diet of pork cracklings, pepperoni pizza and maple bars.
  15. Skate Canada is launching this appeal because it wishes to have at the end, if at all possible, a beneficial result for our athletes.
  16. Cannizzaro argued that placing these metals in different categories had the beneficial result of eliminating certain anomalies when using their physical properties to deduce atomic weights.
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