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  1. She possessed a rubbery face capable of the broadest expressions  " Life " magazine compared her to Beatrice Lillie and Charlie Chaplin and described her characterizations as taking " people or situations suspended in their own precarious balance between dignity and absurdity, and push ( ing ) them over the cliff with one single, pointed gesture ".
  2. It has been suggested that the Harlem nightclub entertainer in the novel named "'Glory "'is based upon the jazz singer Adelaide Hall who introduced the song  Creole Love Call in 1927, but this is probably unlikely as Adelaide Hall and Beatrice Lillie are the only contemporary entertainers of the time mentioned in the text.
  3. No雔 Coward composed this song after he and Beatrice Lillie attended a beach party given by Elsa Maxwell in the south of France, The lyrics in the first stanza are based on a real life experience of Coward and Lillie : The two were invited to " come as they were, " but on arriving they discovered the other guests were formally dressed.
  4. Included are photographs of Shirley Booth, Jos?Ferrer, Judith Anderson, Maurice Evans, Lilli Palmer, Melvyn Douglas, Louis Calhern, Celeste Holm, Helen Hayes, Henry Fonda, Claude Rains, Beatrice Lillie, Rex Harrison, Ethel Merman, Charles Boyer, John Garfield, Ezio Pinza, Mary Martin, Arlene Francis, Eddie Cantor, Gwen Verdon, and Marlon Brando.
  5. Cochran was responsible for discovering new talents and making stars out of them, including Beatrice Lillie, Elisabeth Bergner, Eleanora Duse, Anna Neagle, Florence Desmond, Gertrude Lawrence, Coward, Evelyn Laye, Jessie Matthews, Yvonne Printemps, The Dolly Sisters and Lizbeth Webb, who starred in Cochran's long-running " Bless the Bride " ( 1948 ).
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