beatrice cenci in a sentence

  1. When in 1854 " Beatrice Cenci " was lambasted by Francesco de Sanctis ( who now favored the House of Savoy leadership for Italy ), he wrote to a friend : " Honoured Alessandro Manzoni, I am put down . . . to think that as far back as'40 Britons and Germans saw us as leaders of two different schools, and his they labelled sleep-inducing ".
  2. In 1969 she had a role in " Beatrice Cenci " by Lucio Fulci, and played one of the main characters in  La battaglia del Sinai, an Italian-Israeli film set during the Six-day war and directed by Maurizio Lucidi In the same year she got a lead role in " Pelle di Bandito " by Piero Livi, which ran at the Venice International Film Festival.
  3. His works of nonfiction include works on idleness ( " L'ozio " ), seduction ( " Elogio del libertino " ), Oscar Wilde Victorian decadence ( " Chi ha guardato negli occhi la bellezza " ), the tragedy of Beatrice Cenci and historical themes concerning the formation and influence of the collective imagination, such as " Le grandi profezie " ( on prophecies from the dawn of human civilization to the modern age ) and on knighthood ( " Gli ordini cavallereschi nel mito e nella storia " ).
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