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  1. A statue by American sculptor Harriet Goodhue Hosmer entitled " Beatrice Cenci " ( 1857 ) stands at the Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St . Louis in St . Louis, Missouri, in the United States.
  2. Since then he has conducted many operas, including the British stage premieres of Scott Joplin's " Treemonisha ", Berthold Goldschmidt's " Beatrice Cenci " and " Lear " by Toshio Hosokawa.
  3. The German composer Berthold Goldschmidt composed an opera in three acts based on the Shelley play in 1949 entitled " Beatrice Cenci " with a libretto by Martin Esslin " after Shelley's verse drama " The Cenci " ".
  4. Based on Percy Bysshe Shelley's play " The Cenci ", which was itself based on the true story of Beatrice Cenci, the opera transplants the story from 16th century Italy to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia in the 19th century.
  5. She was given the name Florinda Carisia among painters, and called later to paint the portrait of Popes Leo XII, a copy of Guido Reni's the portrait of Beatrice Cenci, portraits of fellow Dominican nuns; and a portrait of the Queen of Etruria.
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  7. The German state of Schleswig-Holstein commissioned his Third Quartet in 1988 for the opening of a museum about the Holocaust, the 1994 Berlin Festival featured a production of " The Magnificent Cuckold, and " Beatrice Cenci " had its stage premiere in Magdeburg.
  8. Although there is no grave marker, tradition has it that Beatrice Cenci & mdash; executed in 1599 for the murder of her abusive father and made famous by Percy Bysshe Shelley, among others & mdash; is buried either in this chapel or below the high altar.
  9. He also published " " The Last Fruit off an Old Tree " ", containing fresh conversations, critical and controversial essays, miscellaneous epigrams, lyrics and occasional poems of various kind and merit, closing with " Five Scenes on the martyrdom of Beatrice Cenci ".
  10. The model for Judith is probably the Roman courtesan Fillide Melandroni, who posed for several other works by Caravaggio around this year; the scene itself, and especially the details of blood and decapitation, were presumably drawn from his observations of the public execution of Beatrice Cenci a few years before.
  11. Her interpretations of major parts of the classical and contemporary repertory are remembered, including the title part of " Giselle ", Tatjana in John Cranko's choreography of " Onegin ", and the heroine in Gerhard Bohner's " Die Folterungen der Beatrice Cenci ".
  12. His second opera, " Beatrice Cenci, " based on Shelley's verse drama, won an Arts Council competition at the Festival of Britain in 1950, but although part of the prize was to have been a performance at Covent Garden the next year, the work lay unperformed until 1988.
  13. :The date of the panel or canvas is not necessarily the same as that of the painting on it ( see Flower portrait )-and I should add that there are " many " copies of the " Beatrice Cenci " . talk ) 17 : 58, 28 June 2013 ( UTC)
  14. Also popular during this period were films about historical figures, such as Caserini's " Beatrice Cenci " ( 1909 ) and Ugo Falena's " Lucrezia Borgia " ( 1910 ) . " L'Inferno ", produced by Milano Films in 1911, was the first full-length Italian feature film ever made.
  15. In search of a source for Massinger's plot, critics have considered the story of Beatrice Cenci and a passage in Jonson's " Catiline " that refers to " incest, murders, rapes . . . incestuous life . " Yet it is clear from the thinness of these connections that the plot of the play is " Massinger's own ."
  16. Then there are the pictures : Mary Hillier, a maid, cast as a regal Madonna; May Prinsep, the photographer's niece, staying at Cameron's estate on the Isle of Wight, posing as the condemned Beatrice Cenci; Julia Jackson, another niece, portrayed as herself; and the wonderful Alice Liddell, at 20, taking no prisoners as the goddess Pomona.
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