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  1. Her maternal grandfather was Gabriel Beato Francisco ( b.
  2. Rick Beato ( Charlie Mars, Shinedown, and others ) produced this album.
  3. Beato photographed with Ueno Hikoma, and possibly taught photography to Raimund von Stillfried.
  4. Obelerio and Beato then raised their other brother Valentino to the dogeship alongside them.
  5. They meet again, to grim effect, in pictures by the famous Felice Beato.
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  7. A single with a rock version by Bobby Beato and Purple Reign charted in 1975.
  8. Antonio often used the French version of his given name, going by Antoine Beato.
  9. Beato was very active while in Japan.
  10. Many of the photographs in Beato's albums were woodblock printmakers to European photography.
  11. The body of Beato Angelo is displayed in a glass tomb inside of the church.
  12. His mission visited the pyramids, a feat which Antonio Beato photographed at the time.
  13. On 21 February 2015, Price defeated Irineu Beato Costa Junior in Berlin, Germany.
  14. Beato was born in Rio de Janeiro.
  15. Carola participated in an legendary intrigue constructed by her brother-in-law Beato.
  16. By G . BEATO ( Distributed by New York Times Special Features ) World rights excluding Japan
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