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  1. :: See User : Hipster Beatnik and The Monkey Thing's history.
  2. The strip's cast was made up with Roscoe, a beatnik cat.
  3. Wittman then goes to a party mainly attended by followers of the Beatnik movement.
  4. Beatnik, Inc . was the primary music provider for this version of Tetris.
  5. The beatnik rooster constantly sneaks away to dance with the hens and kiss them.
  6. It's difficult to find beatniks in a sentence.
  7. Allen admitted that he was scorned by the other protesters for being a beatnik.
  8. George kind of blew my mind _ he's like nisei beatnik ."
  9. Wonder why all the young people feel they have to dress in black like beatniks.
  10. They were beatniks As Seen on TV.
  11. But " Going Nomad " carries its rhapsodic beatnik whimsy over the brink.
  12. She attributes that confidence to her parents, whom she describes as 1960s intellectual beatniks.
  13. He was one of your original beatniks,
  14. There are beatniks involved, but I'll let you discover them for yourself.
  15. In the early 1950s, Soho became the centre of the beatnik culture in London.
  16. Ed " Big Daddy " Roth used fiberglass to build his Beatnik Bandit in 1960.
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