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  1. He looked like a beatnik; he looked hip.
  2. It was promoted as a high-class beatnik coffeehouse for downtown patrons.
  3. It's hard to chuck it and become a Beatnik ."
  4. He speaks in a lazy'Beatnik'manner.
  5. Consequently Sturmer and Manning quit Beatnik Beatch together to pursue their own project.
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  7. Benzedrine was commonly referenced in Beatnik culture and writings.
  8. It was known as Chicago's Number One " beatnik bistro ".
  9. In the documentary, John Giorno calls him " the last beatnik ."
  10. The others are there living carefree lives as beatniks.
  11. The players then take turns solving the beatnik puzzle.
  12. But Murray, after a flirtation with a nymphomaniacal beatnik, has seen enough.
  13. Previous generations were inspired by beatniks and hippies.
  14. They look like they were in the Flying Burrito Brothers or beatniks or something.
  15. "There were still people called ` beatniks'around then,"
  16. Supposed to be sort of a beatnik thing.
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