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  • 击退,打退(进攻)
  • 击退,打退(进攻)
  • beat:    vt. (beat; beaten ...
  • off:    adv. 1.〔运动〕向那边,隔开。 ...
  • off beat:    弱音
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  1. The attacker was beat off . challenge contest , fight , or competition . rise to the challenge
    和challenge相关的习惯用语很多,常用的有beyond challenge ,无与伦比,无可非议
  2. Jordan has beaten off stiff competition from kate moss , heather mills and jade goody to be crowned celebrity mum of the year
    美国艳星乔丹击败凯特?摩丝、系瑟?米尔斯和杰德?古蒂等有力对手,当选“年度明星妈咪” 。
  3. However , it appears chelsea have won the race for his signature in beating off interest from the likes of newcastle , everton and middlesbrough
  4. Indeed , when he signed the defender houllier claimed he had beaten off competition from arsenal , bayern munich and manchester united to sign medjani
  5. The addicks report that the deal is worth ? 2million in total . they claim that they beat off interest from newcastle and everton

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