beat him in a sentence

"beat him" in Chinese  
  1. I stayed with him and ate his food and beat him.
  2. I knew I would really have to beat him to win.
  3. Singh played with Tiger Woods and beat him by 12 shots.
  4. To sit there and try to beat him is really hard.
  5. Shultz decided to move before Congress beat him to the punch.
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  7. Only thing was, the police had beat him to it.
  8. If he does that again, no one will beat him.
  9. Then Kent Manderville beat him far side from the right circle.
  10. Whoever beats him in the Gold Cup will be the winner.
  11. Ever since then, he has dared people to beat him,
  12. "I'd like to beat him this week.
  13. A mob of cults beat him to hamburger with baseball bats.
  14. So you would think maybe on this I could beat him,
  15. When that was done, they'd beat him again.
  16. Racing against my father, I always wanted to beat him.
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