beat him in a sentence

"beat him" in Chinese  
  1. You've got to beat him out clearly ."
  2. We're going to beat him in America ."
  3. "I think he'd beat him,"
  4. I beat him last time, he beat me this time.
  5. He will refuse to let you beat him in any situation.
  6. It's difficult to find beat him in a sentence.
  7. According to the polls, Giuliani beats him decisively in Queens.
  8. But that fall Bill Clinton beat him by a comfortable margin.
  9. That gave Andre a chance to beat him on the post.
  10. On the second one, I beat him around the corner.
  11. And I still beat him more times than he beat me.
  12. "It's tough for anyone to beat him.
  13. You can outpitch Randy Johnson and beat him once a season.
  14. We had to work hard to beat him at both places.
  15. Fighters are saying, ` I can't beat him.
  16. It will take a hell of a man to beat him.
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