be at fault in a sentence

"be at fault" in Chinese  
  1. The driver was found to be at fault, along with a lack of tail lights.
  2. If raters do not consistently agree within one point, their training may be at fault.
  3. But engineering may also be at fault, and that will now be given a second look.
  4. Faulty welds in other parts of the equipment could also be at fault, officials have said.
  5. The jury also found crewmen's mistakes and violation of safety regulations to be at fault.
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  7. I'm treated as an idiotic conspiracy theorist, thus someone must be at fault here.
  8. Some became suspicious that " conversos " might be practicing Judaism and therefore be at fault.
  9. The engineers weren't found to be at fault at all, as they acted within reason.
  10. He was deemed to be at fault for two of the goals and was subbed at half time.
  11. "He mentioned that the fans'perception would be that I might be at fault,"
  12. How could Edmonds, who had shoulder surgery in April, be at fault when he missed four months?
  13. If the train wreck occurs and natural gas prices skyrocket and shortages occur, who will be at fault?
  14. Hope found Ryan to be at fault for authorising the training operation in a public place using concealed weapons.
  15. The design and construction of the 36-year-old ship were also found to be at fault.
  16. In this case ChicaneF1 has never been shown to be at fault, as far as I am aware.
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