be at fault in a sentence

"be at fault" in Chinese  
  1. She suggested that the vision might be at fault, rather than the results.
  2. He declined to comment on who was investigating or who might be at fault.
  3. The driver, who stopped immediately, was found not to be at fault.
  4. The bus that was going downhill appeared to be at fault, he added.
  5. Note that owners may not be at fault.
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  7. If BG is found to be at fault, please ensure that it stops.
  8. Actually, it's not fair to suggest the building could be at fault.
  9. "Anyone can be at fault if they're not careful ."
  10. I am not blind to the fact that an individual player might be at fault.
  11. They say that somebody must be at fault, that somebody has to be blamed,
  12. Still, many Swiss find it hard to believe that they could be at fault.
  13. So although undisclosed at the time my personal failings also may be at fault here.
  14. It also removes all caps on liability if the carrier is ruled to be at fault.
  15. She collided with the car, but the other driver was determined to be at fault.
  16. The " Aegeo's " captain was later found to be at fault.
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