be at fault in a sentence

"be at fault" in Chinese  
  1. When that happens, Baylor University will obviously be at fault.
  2. North was found not to be at fault in the wreck.
  3. The DC-9 was found not to be at fault.
  4. Excessive layers of paint were also found to be at fault.
  5. A third party reviewer found his behaviour to be at fault.
  6. It's difficult to find be at fault in a sentence.
  7. The stress of holidays appears to be at fault, Kloner said.
  8. The actual design of the boat may be at fault.
  9. However, they would be at fault if it remained that way.
  10. It the radiator bangs, then the steam trap may be at fault.
  11. When that happens, Baylor will be at fault.
  12. I could be at fault as much as anybody.
  13. The hospital was not found to be at fault.
  14. How can I be at fault but not him?
  15. :: : And no one user appears to be at fault here.
  16. She was found not to be at fault.
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