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  1. When you are in the audience and see musicians suffer because it is so difficult, then you cannot be at ease.
  2. "I'll only be at ease when he comes back and I see him standing before me ."
  3. Raffaello intellect and erudite conversation encouraged the Pope to be at ease, talking, moving enabling Raffaello to discern his personality.
  4. She put them at ease with fallibility, and so they came to be at ease together last week outside the palace gates.
  5. Anthony, the biographer, said Mrs . Clinton had learned to be at ease with the press over the last six years.
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  7. "My mind won't be at ease until he touches U . S . soil, " she said.
  8. He appeared to be at ease with the task of winning over a jury that had heard often damning testimony from 35 prosecution witnesses.
  9. Once we do win that, I think that we will be at ease and it will be a step up for our team.
  10. The defending champions, trying to be the second franchise to win consecutive Super Bowls twice, might be expected to be at ease.
  11. "We took up arms for these people, so they should be at ease for New Year's Eve ."
  12. As Leigh was preparing to leave, the wardrobe department cut a hole in her shoes so that her toe would be at ease.
  13. It is fine visual and imaginative training, this learning to be at ease with something that on the surface seems quite removed from you.
  14. And while she may not be at ease in such situations, she knows how to sell a song the way it counts _ musically.
  15. He has a smile on his face and appears to be at ease in the environment, suggesting that Rawls is probably gay or bisexual.
  16. Totaling the balance sheet of good times and bum times, Stritch has learned to be at ease with herself . " I have no regrets.
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