be at ease in a sentence

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  1. Compared with his English counterpart, Norman at least can be at ease because doctors located his problem.
  2. The world could be ending, and Henry Thomas would still joke and be at ease with his teammates.
  3. It's taken time for everyone to be at ease, which you have to have ."
  4. The markets should be at ease knowing that there will be a reasonable and legal transfer of power free,
  5. Sarah particularly began to be at ease in going back and forth between Paiute and European-American culture.
  6. It's difficult to find be at ease in a sentence.
  7. "I won't be at ease until Nov . 4 or 5, " he said.
  8. Close enough to creation to be at ease with all mankind, and thereby able to serve them better ."
  9. This does not mean that we will ever be at ease with the death penalty or stop picking at its edges.
  10. "The ISPs are trying on the one hand to make people be at ease, " he said.
  11. While O'Sullivan professes to be at ease leading up to the milestone, there should be reason for trepidation.
  12. Lane will be at ease, and so will Broderick; the duo have been working together since late last year.
  13. Peter likes the ship HMS " Centurion ", but takes time to be at ease with naval discipline.
  14. A Chhattisgarhi folk singer by practice, Sharma is reported to be at ease singing all styles of Chhattisgarhi folk songs.
  15. I want my dinner partners to be at ease, and there are techniques to avoid offending the bird-serving host.
  16. I'm going to put in as much time as I can to try to be at ease with this offense.
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