be at ease in a sentence

"be at ease" in Chinese  
  1. Lay your head to my lap, and be at ease.
  2. He never seemed to be at ease with himself and others.
  3. Todd Smith said his father could be at ease just about anywhere.
  4. Until we get something set up, I will not be at ease.
  5. I will not be at ease until its on the ground in Kansas.
  6. It's difficult to find be at ease in a sentence.
  7. Doohan seems to be at ease with this track,
  8. How the hell can he be at ease?
  9. "We can't be at ease until their safety is assured.
  10. The idea was to create an atmosphere where the invitee would be at ease.
  11. You want to be at ease.
  12. I want the Americans to be at ease and to know that no abnormality will occur.
  13. Boyd has shown himself to be at ease with a startling diversity of settings and subjects.
  14. That was just her nature _ it was very hard for her to be at ease.
  15. "We can't be at ease until their safety is assured,"
  16. What signs have you given me that I can be at ease with you in my house?
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