be accident meaning in Chinese

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  • 偶然
  • accident:    n. 1.故障,事故,偶发事件;偶然 ...
  • by accident:    不小心; 偶尔; 偶然,含有不幸的因 ...
  • by accident of:    因的机会
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  1. In this world , there is no accident , but some certainty that pretends to be accident
  2. One of the important utilities of simulation is accident analysis by reappearing it
  3. Because you are accident prone , these and other similar pastimes are not recommended
  4. My youngest daughter slipped and fell on to the glass patio door tracking . i think my children were accident prone when they were younger
  5. There were accidents to machinery , the liability of trains to run off the line , collisions , bad weather , the blocking up by snow , - were not all these against phileas fogg

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