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  • Adverb: BC
    1. Before the Christian era; used following dates before the supposed year Christ was born
      "in 200 BC"
      - B.C., before Christ

    Encyclopedia: BC, Canada BC

  • [Architecture]

    Abbr. for “building code.”

  • [Defence]
    bottom current

  • [Medicine]
    abbr board-certified

  • [Computer]
    An arbitrary precision numeric processing language with C-like syntax. Traditionally implemented as a front-end to DC. There is a GNU version called GNU BC.

    Unix manual page: bc(1).
  • bc 105:    [Medicine]Serotoni ...
  • bc 2627:    [Medicine]A synthe ...
  • bc neliac:    [Computer]Version ...


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  1. the temple which the archaeologists explored was used as a place of worship from the fifteenth century bc . until roman times.
  2. after all these concepts go back to 400 bc
  3. the scene is laid in athens, in the third century bc
  4. invaded the city of jerusalem right about 9880 bc,
  5. the first olympic games took place in 776 bc

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