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  1. The official said that if the BFAR's intention was to generate more jobs through bareboat chartering, it should seek a moratorium onthe accreditation of FFVs.
  2. Outside special bulk cargo markets, ships are hired by three types of charter agreements : the voyage charter, the time charter, and the bareboat charter.
  3. On 12 August 1942 in New York the ship was delivered to War Department custody awaiting bareboat charter and operation by the US Navy on 13 September 1942.
  4. Originally named SS " Brigham Young ", she was laid down under a Navy under bareboat charter from the Maritime Commission on 8 April 1943.
  5. On 8 April 1948 the ship was taken out of reserve and bareboat chartered to the USAT " " Kingsport Victory " a US Army Transport.
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  7. There are legal differences between a bareboat charter and other types of charter arrangements, commonly called " time " or " voyage " charters.
  8. If there is a demise ( or " bareboat " ) charterparty, the charterer will effectively have a long lease and will have full control of the vessel.
  9. From May 1981, she was on bareboat charter to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company operating between Douglas and Heysham in rivalry to the Manx Line,.
  10. On 13 Jul 42 VCNO asked BuShips to negotiate a bareboat charter agreement with the owner of the auxiliary steel schooner yacht PIONEER at $ 1.00 per year.
  11. Under a bareboat charter by the United States Maritime Commission, " Agwileon " carried civilian technicians and advisors to Sierra Leone for the U . S . Army.
  12. Taken over on a bareboat charter on 27 January 1942, " Araner " was delivered to the US Navy at the section base at San Diego, California.
  13. The biggest section of the fleet, however, is the " bareboat " division, which is for charters often more interested in their vacations than in the competition.
  14. Built by Henry Robb of Leith for the British-India Steam Navigation Company ( later P & O ) and operated by the RFA on a long-term bareboat charter.
  15. In January 2009, " Norwegian Sky " was sold to Ample Avenue, a subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong, and chartered back to NCL on a bareboat charter.
  16. After a period of layup the ship was operated as "'USAT " Kingsport Victory " "'by the Army under bareboat charter effective 8 July 1948.
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