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  1. She was named " Kerlew " and owned by Kerr Navigation Corporation of New York City by the time the United States Army acquired her on a bareboat charter basis in October 1917.
  2. "' Opus Casino "'( formerly " Liquid Vegas ", " Royal Star ", and is currently available for bareboat charter or sale, preferably to businesses that could support experimentation with long-term ocean habitation.
  3. For example, charterparties are technically subject to stamp duty at a rate of 50?in the British Virgin Islands, but despite the flourishing bareboat charter industry stamp duty is rarely if ever paid by charterers.
  4. Under bareboat charter program, the charterer or the lessee has complete possession and control of the ship, including the right to appoint the master and crew of the ship for the duration of the lease.
  5. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ( BFAR ) has proposed a general memorandum order regarding the guidelines on the accreditation of foreign fishing vessels to operate in international waters under the bareboat charter program.
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  7. While both the international leisure travel industry ( particularly outdoor activities based vacations ) and the boating industry have boomed in the last decade, so too has the bareboat charter industry which incorporates both of these pursuits.
  8. The United States Army took control of her at Newport News in September 1917 for World War I service under a bareboat charter from her owner, A . H . Bull Steamship Company of New York City.
  9. In April 1942, the Maritime Commission took control of SS " Agwileon " under a bareboat charter and used her to transport civilian technicians and advisors to Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the U . S . Army.
  10. In general only ships owned, under long term bareboat charter or allocation to the Army, first through the Transportation Corps, were formally designated as a U . S . Army Transport ( U . S . A . T .)
  11. At the time of the sinking, " Bulgaria " was owned by Kamskoye Rechnoye Parokhodstvo, which leased the ship to OOO Briz, which in turn subleased it to OOO Argorechtur, which operated it, according to media reports, on a bareboat charter.
  12. The same day, the U . S . Navy acquired her from the War Shipping Administration under a bareboat charter and in command as the miscellaneous unclassified ship USS " Marmora " ( IX-189 ) for use as a mobile floating storage ship.
  13. She was decommissioned at New York City 27 February 1946 and was returned to War Shipping Administration ( WSA ) for peacetime operations as a United States Army Transport ( USAT ) under bareboat charter until title was transferred on 30 August 1946.
  14. The demise or bareboat charter is a subtype of time charter in which the charterer takes responsibility for the crewing and maintenance of the ship during the time of the charter, assuming the legal responsibilities of the owner and is known as a disponent owner.
  15. She was acquired by the U . S . Navy for World War II service under a bareboat charter from the Foss Launch and Tug Company of San Francisco, California, on 28 October 1942 and commissioned as harbor tug USS " Wampatuck " ( YT-337 ).
  16. ""'Liberty Belle " ( IX-72 ) "'was built in 1910 by Harlan & Hollingworth, Wilmington, Del .; acquired by the US Navy 23 April 1942 from the Wilson Line on a bareboat charter; and placed in service 1 January 1943 for duty in the 5th Naval District.
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