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  1. Resolution 40 not only included operators of pleasure craft bound for or on the inland and coastal waters of foreign states but specifically included bareboat charter vessels.
  2. Taken over on a bareboat charter on 27 January 1942, " Araner " was delivered to the US Navy at the section base at San Diego, California.
  3. A "'shipowner "'is the owner of a merchant vessel ( commercial ship ) and is involved in the outsourced or relayed onto the shipper through bareboat charter.
  4. On 13 Jul 42 VCNO asked BuShips to negotiate a bareboat charter agreement with the owner of the auxiliary steel schooner yacht PIONEER at $ 1.00 per year.
  5. Under a bareboat charter by the United States Maritime Commission, " Agwileon " carried civilian technicians and advisors to Sierra Leone for the U . S . Army.
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  7. The "'time charter equivalent "'( TCE ) rate is a spot charters, time charters and bareboat charters ) under which the vessels may be employed between the periods.
  8. On 12 August 1942 in New York the ship was delivered to War Department custody awaiting bareboat charter and operation by the US Navy on 13 September 1942.
  9. Built by Henry Robb of Leith for the British-India Steam Navigation Company ( later P & O ) and operated by the RFA on a long-term bareboat charter.
  10. On 12 May 1998, " Charles Upham " sailed on a bareboat charter to Spanish company Contenemar SA, where she was used to transport oranges and lemons around the Mediterranean.
  11. In 1947 she was converted to a passenger and cargo ship, and under a bareboat charter served with " Haugesund Dampskibsselskab " on the regular service between Haugesund and Bergen.
  12. With that, the yard transitioned to building a series of Veteran Class MT46 double-hulled product tankers for bareboat charter to Overseas Shipholding Group, a build program that extends into 2012.
  13. In mid-June, the bareboat charters of the three vessels still sailing for Pacific South Africa " West Honaker ", " West Cusseta ", and " Crown City "  were cancelled.
  14. Assigned to the 5th Naval District under the control of the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, " Jean " operated on a bareboat charter from A . H . Bull Steamship Company.
  15. The Admiralty were unwilling to sell, but after negotiations agreed to let the ASN have the use of three vessels on bareboat charter at a rate of ?3 6s 8d per day.
  16. She was classified as "'IX-130 "', an unclassified miscellaneous vessel, and renamed " "'Wildcat " "'on 27 October 1943 and acquired by the Navy under a bareboat charter from the War Shipping Administration.
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