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  1. Beneath an imposing dome, the walls of the fine old legislative building are adorned with murals : barebacked, muscled farmers dig wells and bale hay, while stoic mother-heroines cradle babies in their arms.
  2. Together with the barebacked youths who pan the region's crocodile infested waters, this kind of work is enough to fuel the bustling informal diamond markets, with their rickety wooden stalls and hand-held scales.
  3. While models in barebacked chiffon gowns with a leather inlay shaped over the buttocks marched down the runway wearing high-heeled boots, heavy snow flakes fell outside, a reminder that global warmth is not yet a done deal.
  4. Bearded chaps in linen suits and pith helmets are captured in black and white hopping onto river boats, posing with grinning mission school classes, riding zebras or overseeing a line of barebacked Africans hauling huge sacks to a waiting steam train.
  5. The same officer ( General Price-Davies VC ) also describes him as a fine horseman ( as was his father ) who could " tent peg or pickup a handkerchief off the ground on a big horse barebacked at the gallop ".

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