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  1. In 1900 William Bankier wrote " Ideal Physical Culture " in which he challenged Sandow to a contest in weightlifting, wrestling, running and jumping.
  2. Bankier's most influential work covered the role of public opinion in Nazi Germany, specifically opinion relevant to Nazi anti-Semitism and to the Nazi Holocaust.
  3. The character of Itzhak Stern ( played by Ben Kingsley ) is a composite of accountant Stern, factory manager Abraham Bankier, and G鰐h's personal secretary, Mietek Pemper.
  4. Bankier's career highlight to date however came on 14 August 2011 when she won a silver medal in the mixed doubles event at the European Championships in Karlskrona, Sweden.
  5. Bankier stated she had decided not to try and qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as she said she was struggling to find a partner she likes playing with.
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  7. In 1900 Bankier wrote " Ideal Physical Culture " in which he challenged popular strongman of the period Eugen Sandow to a contest in weightlifting, wrestling, running and jumping.
  8. Bankier's first major international tournament was the 2008 European Badminton Championships in Herning, Denmark where she lost out to the English pair in the quarter-finals of both doubles tournaments.
  9. But little did we know back in 2007 that Imogen Bankier would go on to become not just the best in Scotland but one of the world s best doubles players . ""
  10. Bankier was invited to be Guest of Honor at WisCon in February 11-13, 1977, because of her pioneering role as editor of " The Witch and the Chameleon ".
  11. The act broke up in about 1909, with Monte Saldo opening a gym with William Bankier ('Apollo, the Scottish Hercules'), while Frank Saldo went into physical training and teaching.
  12. Featured as an expert in the media, including Polish television : TVP Info, TVP Kultura, radio : Newsweek, Gazeta Prawna, bankier . pl, NaTemat . pl, all terribly deceived.
  13. Bankier's promotional efforts helped to spur the international fad for jujutsu that Barton-Wright had begun, and which included the publication of numerous books and magazine articles as well as the establishment of jujutsu schools throughout the Western world.
  14. For this reason, Tani and Bankier sought to draw his attention, and raided the stage after the match between Hackenschmidt and Antonio Pierri in 1903 in order to challenge Georg again, this time personally and in front of a crowd.
  15. In 1997, at the suggestion of a number of NYNMA's original founders, including Brian Horey, Laura Sachar, Alain Bankier and Jason Wright, the organization facilitated the creation of program to match new entrepreneurs with experienced Angel Investors.
  16. At the same time, another painter, William Bankier Henderson, aide-de-camp to Sir Archibald Wavell, the Viceroy of India, introduced him to a stratum of people who allowed him to paint interpretations of rooms in their residences.
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