bankier in a sentence

  1. Maxick later became business partners with strongmen Monte Saldo and William Bankier.
  2. Her sister, Jean Bankier, said the cause was Parkinson's disease.
  3. After the 2016 Nationals, where Bankier won her record 10th consecutive mixed doubles titles.
  4. When Sandow did not accept his challenge Bankier called him a coward, a charlatan and a liar.
  5. Aged 17 Bankier joined " Ginnett Circus for three months, performing as'Carl Clyndon '.
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  7. Today, Douglas is remarried, to Kymberly Bankier, whom he met at a Muscular Dystrophy Association event.
  8. Bankier later became managing director of Burn Stewart Whisky Distillers in 1995 and oversaw the takeover of CL Financial.
  9. Bankier, a key black market connection, obtained goods for bribes as well as extra materials for use in the factory.
  10. "' Imogen Bankier "'( born 18 November 1987 in Glasgow ) is a former female badminton player from Scotland.
  11. After starting playing the sport at the age of 9, Bankier won the national championships at every age level from Under 17 upwards.
  12. Bankier Apartments has contracted Broeren-Russo Company of Champaign to build their 14-story residential high-rise at 519 East Green.
  13. The Sarl consortium sold its shares to Cersanit S . A . ( pl ) according to " Bankier . pl " magazine.
  14. Apparently they had planned to join up with Akitaro Ono, who had gone to London to wrestle for promoter William Bankier in London music halls.
  15. Under Bankier's management, Tani became a professional wrestler on the Music Hall circuit, where he would challenge anyone willing to test his skill.
  16. Bankier is currently executive chairman and part owner of Glenkeir Whiskies which operates the Whisky Shop chain, the UK's largest specialist retailer of whiskies.
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