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  1. Krishan Lal Balmiki the member of Rajya Sabha, was also from Sanganer ( born 10 July 1942, died 21 April 2010 ).
  2. It has three Hindu Temples, two Balmiki temples, few Mosques, an Idgah, a Jain Digamber temple and a Jain Shwetamber Sthanak.
  3. "I took my daughter to the Friday market, and four balmiki boys snatched her away, " said Prem Wati, 45.
  4. "' Prabhu Dayal Balmiki "'( ) is an Indian politician and a member of the 16th Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh of India.
  5. :: Hello Balmiki, the article does still need some work, mostly in that it has a lot of information about living people which has no footnote.
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  7. All Balmiki Ashram's have a special flag, called a "'Nishan Sahib "'outside to show that it is a place of worship.
  8. "Up until now, the jatavs have gotten most of the reserved seats, and this must change, " said Prem Nath Dhingra, a balmiki activist.
  9. One spectator, Gopalji Balmiki, took the day off work to watch the ceremony, and helped put flowers on the white police truck that carried the ashes to the barge.
  10. "We do the work a mother does for her children, but we are not looked upon as mothers but as scum, " said Suresh Richpal, a balmiki.
  11. Days before, a balmiki boy had left the city with a jatav girl, a departure that the balmikis took to be teen-age love and the jatavs considered a spiteful kidnaping.
  12. ,the Valmikis formed 11.2 per cent of the Scheduled Caste population in Punjab and were the second-most populous Scheduled Caste in Delhi, where they were recorded as " Chuhra ( Balmiki ) ".
  13. There are Rajput caste people are more in numbers after that Brahman communities people are also in good number . There are several other castes like Khati, Baniya, kumhar, chamaar, Balmiki, Dhanak, Meena etc.
  14. Parihans and Korap has the history of producing a pool of talents and eminent personalities like Late Kali Prasad ( ICS / IAS ), Shri Balmiki Prasad Sharma ( IPS ), Shri Ramanugrah Sharma ( Educationist ) among other notable people.
  15. The owner, Nur Monie, ran a restaurant in Paris, which was rated the best Indian spot there by the Gault-Millau Guide, until a messy divorce sent him fleeing to far southeast London with his chef, Rajedra Balmiki.
  16. "' Kamlesh Balmiki "'is a member of Lok Sabha, Lower House of the Parliament of India . He has been elected to 15th Lok Sabha in 2009 and he represents Bulandshahr, a parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh state
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