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  1. But Paris has had nights balmier than those in New York City this summer, with the overnight low temperature late last week going down to only 72 degrees.
  2. It's possible, of course, that what we saw was just a gang of laggards, passing through late on their way to some balmier latitude.
  3. Of course, it must be noted that temperatures were much balmier Wednesday in the next two Super Bowl cities : 53 in Tampa, 64 in San Diego.
  4. After a chilly one-day delay, NASA aimed for a much balmier Friday launch of space shuttle Columbia on a mission to overhaul the Hubble Space Telescope.
  5. A balmier North Pole could alter ocean currents that now warm Western Europe; there will always be an England, but it might not be able to cultivate buttercups.
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  7. In balmier San Diego, 16 percent of crack users said they lived on the street, as against 13 percent in Manhattan and 6.7 percent in Chicago.
  8. Designers of varying degrees of Vogue-worthy fame have put in their predictions for what women and men will want to wear in the balmier days of spring 2004.
  9. But in South Carolina, where the contending is usually balmier, the deep snow stopped Elizabeth Dole's rounds on behalf of Texas Gov . George W . Bush.
  10. For one, findings from ice ages, when global climate was strongly affected by Northern Hemisphere ice sheets, may not be relevant to today's much balmier times.
  11. Plants and animals common in the country's Northeast have found suitable ecological niches in the park's higher elevations, while southern species find homes in the balmier lower reaches.
  12. Styles that American women will love _ or hate _ to wear in the balmier months of 1996 are on parade before more than 1, 500 journalists, retailers and assorted fashion groupies.
  13. But films featuring crash-bang-boom effects, relentlessly sophomoric humor, and African-American comedians wrapped in tons of latex and impersonating fat people are the province of our balmier months.
  14. In balmier days, San Franciscans envy the millionaires in Seacliff, an elite neighborhood of whitewashed villas with bay windows offering stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and of sunsets on the Pacific Ocean.
  15. While many complain about the weather and express a sense of boredom, it seems to be the rare young North Dakotan who does not anguish over the choice between balmier destinations, and relatives back home.
  16. All four appear to have given way to balmier times after levels of the heat-trapping gases carbon dioxide and methane rose by amounts smaller than the increase blamed on human industry in the past century.
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