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  1. When has the art of the celebrity tattletale enjoyed balmier times?
  2. Winter is much balmier compared to other cities in southern Romania.
  3. Italy promises balmier weather than other European destinations in winter.
  4. Once again, visitors from the Midwest found balmier temperatures at home.
  5. Preparing for a trip to a balmier clime?
  6. It's difficult to find balmier in a sentence.
  7. Typically, gasoline demand rises, as motorist activity increases with the balmier temperatures.
  8. Agassi then loaned his teammate, who expected Palermo to be balmier, some warm clothes.
  9. In those balmier surroundings, they don't dry out in their state of semi-hibernation.
  10. It was balmier than Thursday morning, when near-freezing temperatures forced a one-day delay.
  11. One of the most scenic spots from which to appreciate the balmier days ahead is Cornucopia on the Wharf.
  12. Horsemen and reporters shivered and sniffled through the morning routine and remembered balmier Breeders'Cups in California and Florida.
  13. To scientists who remain skeptical about greenhouse warming, wacky weather and a balmier world reflect no more than normal variability.
  14. And, following last month's landslide Labor Party victory, McKellen believes that the climate for gays will only get balmier.
  15. "Something's Down There, " set in the Caribbean, swaps his trademark urban grit for balmier turf.
  16. Winter rarely comes this early to the balmier bits of Canada, but a chill has already settled over the country's health services.
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