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  1. In this period, they owned several railroad baggage cars that were used to transport the show.
  2. The units were used as baggage cars.
  3. The overnight trains have no quiet car, but do have a baggage car used for baggage service.
  4. In March 1928 they were converted to standard baggage cars and renumbered to D 3 and 4.
  5. The other derailed baggage car was destroyed.
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  7. Between 1996 and 1998, baggage cars were included, but due to lack of use it was reverted.
  8. In some instances baggage cars were converted into temporary kitchen cars before ACF could complete its order.
  9. The train consisted of one engine, one baggage car, seven passenger cars and one unoccupied passenger car.
  10. The train itself consisted of 10 display cars, converted from New York Central and Penn Central baggage cars.
  11. Some local trains have baggage cars with bike racks, but a pannier packed with gear may not fit.
  12. The derailed cars included the diner, a baggage car, a crew sleeper and a passenger sleeper, Johnson said.
  13. In operation, a single freight car could be coupled to the downhill end of the open-air baggage car.
  14. During this time the train was a combination of the two color schemes plus the gray SP baggage car.
  15. Since the train was no longer an overnight affair, sleeping cars and a full baggage car were not required.
  16. To avoid a conductor after them for tickets they hide out in a large crate in the baggage car.
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