baggage car in a sentence

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  1. Current configuration is two locomotives, two passenger cars and one baggage car.
  2. Instead, Wade unexpectedly tells Dan to jump into the passing baggage car.
  3. The train's engine pulled a passenger car, dining car and baggage car.
  4. A gunfight then ensues and inadvertently causes a fire in the baggage car.
  5. What was once a baggage car, though, is now the kitchen.
  6. It's difficult to find baggage car in a sentence.
  7. Each train consisted of a baggage car, combine-smoker, coaches, and an observation car.
  8. The two board another train by hiding in the baggage car.
  9. In mid-2014, Amtrak changed 15 of the baggage / dormitory cars to baggage cars.
  10. The two most seriously injured were the only occupants of the destroyed baggage car.
  11. Claire reaches the baggage car, finds Phelps and tells him Ethan will arrive shortly.
  12. The Pennsylvania Railroad named its baggage car # 5868 the " Calumet Farm ".
  13. Pierce smuggles Agar into the baggage car disguised as a corpse in a coffin.
  14. The lead baggage car and first five coaches were destroyed.
  15. The League fought for the privilege of carrying bicycles in baggage cars on railroads.
  16. Sixty coaches, three standard pullmans, six baggage cars, twelve boxcars, and one stock car.
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