baggage allowances in a sentence

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  1. The document says the peak expenditure in the third year will be because of increases in salaries, fares and baggage allowances, housing and medical allowances, and the start of gratuity payments during the year.
  2. It differentiates itself from other low-cost carriers in that it offers frills such as a baggage allowance of over 20 kg, in-flight food, allocated seats, and 32 inch seat pitch.
  3. The program provides extra services such as free entry to the TransNusa Executive Lounge in El Tari Airport, Kupang, a priority customer status in high season and holiday periods and an additional 10 kg extra baggage allowance.
  4. Some of the most frequent travelers are reaping perks like bonus miles, preferred seating, special check-in desks, extra carry-on baggage allowances, early-boarding privileges and exclusive phone lines for reservations or complaints.
  5. An ongoing campaign to help musicians travel by air with confidence, taking fragile, hand-held instruments in the cabin as part of hand baggage allowance . easyJet announced a more musician-friendly hand baggage policy following discussions with the ISM.

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