baggage allowances in a sentence

  1. JGC benefits include 3, 000 bonus miles for the first JAL Group eligible flight flown every year, JAL or Sakura Lounge access with one guest, priority baggage, or two pieces of extra baggage allowance, priority check-in, personalized leather baggage tags, annual gifts of a calendar and a diary and exclusive use of member lounges at designated hotels.
  2. In exchange for giving up some or all of the checked baggage allowance, a passenger can buy a ticket for 40 to 85 percent off the regular fare, depending on time of year and destination . ( In addition to suspending certain routes for security reasons, the FAA has increased security measures for courier travel; however, the changes affect the companies, not individual travelers, and so are not being publicized, said Rebecca Trexler, a spokeswoman .)
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