baffle me in a sentence

  1. It has baffled me for years now,
  2. "It just baffles me why they didn't tell anybody ."
  3. "It baffles me to understand that he's not welcome,"
  4. Science baffles me to no end, but I think Big Bang Theory is hilarious.
  5. :: This is totally baffling me.
  6. It's difficult to find baffle me in a sentence.
  7. One thing the paramedics advised baffled me.
  8. Hipoctite's post baffles me further.
  9. But some slogans just baffle me.
  10. If this story is true of rejecting someone for their intelligence, that just baffles me,
  11. It baffles me why that is,
  12. AOL failed in 8.0 to address one irritation that has baffled me for years.
  13. That's what baffles me.
  14. "That's the part that just baffles me, " he says.
  15. Because it baffled me so much.
  16. That latter issue really baffles me.
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