baffle me in a sentence

  1. "Some of them even baffle me, " she said.
  2. It baffles me we came up with the win,
  3. Said Torre : " It baffles me why Girardi was thrown out.
  4. When they didn't, that baffled me.
  5. But your four bullet points above citing coincidental timing of edits baffles me.
  6. It's difficult to find baffle me in a sentence.
  7. But to say wikipedia is totally unreliable baffles me.
  8. But she admitted that the controversy over abortion " baffles me ."
  9. Few venture away from NBC on Thursdays . This devotion has always baffled me.
  10. That's what baffles me ."
  11. I listen to all the comments, and at times, it baffles me.
  12. But in India it just baffles me to why there should be any problem.
  13. Don't ask me to explain that, because it baffles me too.
  14. That would explain the thing that has baffled me beyond all else about you.
  15. Why this isn't the biggest game in the world baffles me ."
  16. That whole thing kind of baffles me.
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