bad product in a sentence

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  1. We're not going on the air to say this game is a bad product.
  2. "You've got a bad product and high prices, what do you do?
  3. The church is, after all, not just another company accused of making a bad product.
  4. You don't want direct-to-video to stand for bad product ."
  5. FDA officials cannot explain whether it is because there are more bad products or because companies are quicker to recall them.
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  7. To limit over-exposure of a bad product at home, some 17 home games were played elsewhere this season.
  8. "Business travelers have indicated pretty clearly that the standard coach economy seat is a bad product, " he said.
  9. Whether or not more bad products are being made, it isn't the FDA that has pulled them off the market.
  10. The second group was told to think about bad product packaging, like leaky containers, to get them in a negative mindset.
  11. "Their responsibility is the protection of the president, and they thought this was a bad product, " she said.
  12. "Great marketing, " he said, " can kill a bad product quicker than bad marketing will ."
  13. In some cases, they discovered those risks only when bad products led to huge lawsuits, or inadequate controls produced big trading losses.
  14. And although Chinese farm-raised bay scallops are not a bad product, they do not have the great flavor of the natives.
  15. In another example, Qudsi said soldiers prevented Palestinian villagers from taking a refrigerator full of imported bad products back out of the village.
  16. But many analysts did say that National's persistently lackluster profits were more a sign of a bad product mix than of bad luck.
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