bad pr in a sentence

  1. "I've entertained the idea of looking for grants to study this and I've been told, ` Don't go there, it's bad PR, "'
  2. "When we tried to organize this conference, we ran into bad PR, we got a lot of hate mail saying that this conference would incite hate, " said one conference organizer.
  3. Of course, they may have had the power to make their acts legal, but they typically didn't bother, perhaps because it would be bad PR . Anyway, they take some beating.
  4. When I responded that it was surprising the gubernatorial bloomers were bunched as tightly as the rest of Nebraska's citizens, the governor, with a politician's sixth sense about bad PR, reversed course.
  5. At the end of the year, BMW revoked the use of their engines due to the bad PR the team and its owner generated, and Schmidt folded the ATS team as well as leaving the ATS company.
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