bad pr in a sentence

  1. Bad idea, and even if you get them to move, its bad PR .-- contribs 20 : 04, 22 December 2008 ( UTC)
  2. Talk page comments have gone from implicit ( " must cleanse this, it's bad PR ", " a deliberate attempt to cover this up.
  3. Rodriguez's take on the bureau's current string of bad PR is that, like any bureaucracy, the process gets bogged down and mistakes happen.
  4. That's extremely bad PR and damages our most valuable resource, new editors .-- talk ) 22 : 07, 29 September 2008 ( UTC)
  5. They can't afford the bad PR ( a lockout makes them the bad guys ), the total loss of public trust, or the potential legal damages.
  6. It's difficult to find bad pr in a sentence.
  7. What has generated the rescued hedge fund's bad PR, though, isn't its lack of any useful role except to make money for its investors.
  8. Carnies know that fraud is bad PR . And after a while, even the most oafish of farm boys figures out the game is unwinnable, and stops playing.
  9. "There was a lot of spin going on and the Karankawa got some bad PR that continues even today, " said University of Texas archaeologist Britt Bousman.
  10. "I have to admit that I'm not sure if I really like women's boxing, and my husband will tell me that is bad PR,"
  11. It constitutes a scrubbing of " bad PR " and that is not the purpose of an public encyclopedia .  Preceding talk ) 19 : 55, 10 April 2016 ( UTC)
  12. Sentiment and a perception that it might be a bad PR move ( except that it wouldn't ) would be the only reasons for the Yankees to re-sign Don Mattingly.
  13. "Good P . R . in Wichita doesn't hurt, " said William, " especially since I've had so much bad PR for years ."
  14. The terrorists wouldn't see much point in blowing up those planes ( that would actually be bad PR for them ), and would have a hard time getting onto the other planes.
  15. In Denver, Columbia may be suffering from bad PR . Some say the company does a poor job of explaining its strategies, exacerbating its swashbuckling reputation as an arrogant, bottom-line company.
  16. He has also done an interview on BBC Radio 4's " More or Less " programme, where he discusses various newspaper articles and big headlines that are based on bad PR.
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