bad pr in a sentence

  1. It would be unseemly to close it, and bad PR.
  2. The last thing this company needs right now is bad PR.
  3. However, just banning such pics is bad PR, too.
  4. It's not only bad PR, it may be unlawful.
  5. Bad PR about the administration hasn't helped us,"
  6. It's difficult to find bad pr in a sentence.
  7. That's called bad PR . Ford's future look?
  8. We think there is such a thing as bad PR.
  9. That's bad PR for both coach and state . . ..
  10. It's extremely bad PR,"
  11. It was a bad PR move.
  12. To some extent, the negative feelings simply reflect bad PR on the part of employers.
  13. Bad PR and bad legal tactics.
  14. For Fergie, the latest criticism comes at a bad PR time, even by her standards.
  15. Evidently, the " public shaming " approach to past bad PR behavior is not a deterrent.
  16. Shooting new mothers is not only illegal but, since it creates adorable little orphans, bad PR.
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