bad posture in a sentence

  1. However, their progress is slow, and they can only clasp hold on Strawberry, a pink haired, soccer playing, slightly chubby girl, and dirty-blonde haired, bad postured girl, Kori.
  2. Greene warns against hunching your shoulders and succumbing to bad posture with the weights on _ it puts a big strain on your back _ but walking briskly for 30 minutes with them can give you a good cardio workout.
  3. On 25 August 2010, according to the University of Virginia, a height of up to had been confirmed by doctors and stated it was possible this was K鰏en's actual height, artificially lowered by scoliosis and bad posture.
  4. I would see it as an alternative to prevent a fixed bad posture from setting in, and would rotate between your normal chair and your new one . 15 : 58, 18 March 2007 ( UTC)
  5. It turned out he had repetitive stress injury, or RSI, a catch-all term covering tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and more, in which muscles, tendons, and nerves are damaged through excessive typing and bad posture.
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  7. The strong are burdened with " handicaps " ( consisting of " bags of lead shot " hung from various parts of the body ) and the beautiful hide their advantageous appearance through " frumpish clothes, bad posture, chewing gum and a ghoulish use of cosmetics ".
  8. Who realized that bad posture, wearing the same underwear six days in a row, reacting to bath water as if it were broccoli, not brushing your teeth, and claiming that giving your brother a bloody nose was " a mistake " meant boys are doomed?
  9. If the action seems familiar, and the comedy too _ it's like a holdover more from 1987, or 1937, for that matter _ now we know what a Victor Hugo-penned Errol Flynn movie might have been like : " Zorro " with bad posture and cheesy grin.
  10. :Also, if you're thinking of installing the router in your bedroom in order to use a laptop in bed, it's likely that disturbances to your circadian rhythm due to excessive late-night computer use, not to mention the possible ergonomic problems from bad posture etc ., may indeed have both chronic health effects.
  11. On television there appeared the tableau that seemed etched for history : the solemn row of the president's men, the two banks of lawmakers sitting behind their black nameplates, the kind of slouches that in any other setting would be cited for bad posture and bad manners, the elbow of the star witness held at a precise 90-degree angle.
  12. This is, of course, nonsense, because golf meets all the criteria for membership _ it requires the use of your body in a pursuit that requires skill and strength, it is a sport whose goal can be quantified ( one stroke equals one stroke, period ), and you neither have to wear rhinestones nor smear your hair with gelatin to impress the Romanian judge with the bad posture and the squint.
  13. Every major label has a handful of guitar-driven bands in shapeless shirts and threadbare jeans, bands with bad posture and good riffs who cultivate the oblique and the evasive, who conceal catchy tunes with noise and hide craftsmanship behind nonchalance . " However, many alternative rock artists rejected success, for it conflicted with the rebellious, D . I . Y . ethic the genre had espoused before mainstream exposure and their ideas of artistic authenticity.
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