bad posture in a sentence

  1. There was no reason for it, just bad posture.
  2. Mine sit next to magazines and coffee cups and have bad posture.
  3. The prolonged action that encourages bad posture, only leads to increased poor posture.
  4. Meaning that stretch limos and soldout stadiums can make up for bad posture and crooked teeth.
  5. Mackinnon and Novak showed the patients how bad postures increase pressure on nerves and shorten or lengthen muscles.
  6. It's difficult to find bad posture in a sentence.
  7. Forget " Pride and Poise . " The best Oakland can hope for is " Slothfulness and Bad Posture ."
  8. _Posture and positioning _ This should be a no-brainer, but bad posture habits are ingrained from childhood.
  9. Cook's alterna-slouch and uninflected little girl voice makes her less inauthentic : bad posture has never been so endearing.
  10. Flouride also works in the studio as a producer and mixer and has done projects with the Hi-Fives, Ape, and Bad Posture.
  11. Abe the Mudokon is a little different : froggy face, topknot, bad posture, greenish skin, three-fingered hands, mouth partially sewn shut.
  12. 1660s : BAD POSTURE The invention of the back stool heralds a new desire for comfort among the hoi polloi, who until now have sat on benches and stools.
  13. They look like ordinary people : some have bad posture, while others are poised; some are old, others young; some have sculptured pecs, others potbellies.
  14. Bad breathing habits ( or bad posture, or even bad thoughts ) may cause the wheel not to turn, or move backward, inhibiting the circulation of essential breath energy.
  15. But Tennant _ a self-described " natural sloucher " _ doesn't think much of her gait : " It's bad posture, " she says.
  16. That's cheating, like finding out that wasn't Beethoven but a man with bad posture in a St . Bernard suit, but it makes the director's job much easier.
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