bad points in a sentence

"bad points" in Chinese  
  1. There are good and bad points to every product.
  2. In 1960, Stafford said there were good and bad points to working closely with Weston.
  3. I know his good points and his bad points.
  4. We scored three times tonight but we still have to think about the bad points.
  5. "I'm not saying they have bad point guards.
  6. It's difficult to find bad points in a sentence.
  7. It has its good points and bad points.
  8. It had its good points and bad points.
  9. He has his good points and bad points.
  10. You play two bad points, maybe one, and you can lose the set or the match.
  11. She wrote " " All albums have their good points, and they have their bad points.
  12. I don't see any bad point in that.
  13. He had some good points and bad points.
  14. "I played like two bad points, but I just couldn't capitalize on several break point opportunities.
  15. That doesn't mean he made a bad point.
  16. "Don't look at all the bad points.
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